Keeping up with the market.

From a small-scale activity, we have been able to transform into a modern company, adapting our structure to nowadays elevated standards.


A discovery that has changed our history.

The origins of our company go back to the beginning of the 1970’s, when the founder realized that a screen printing frame could transfer a coloured image on different materials such as plastic, fabric, rubber, glass, metals and many others.

Over the years, functional printing became our specialty and focus. We embrace traditional and modern systems keeping a market-oriented view.

Expertise, production standard.

Professionalism, courtesy and timeliness guarantee high quality products able to satisfy demanding and aware customers.

We are ready for new challenges.

Our flexible approach provides us with the ability to satisfy every costumer’s need. We are able to assemble many
different products, ranging from vehicle decoration to membrane keyboards.
Our clients include important industrial groups, operating in different fields such as domestic appliances, railway, oil, electromechanical and automotive systems.

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